Prismatic 1.2.1 released


UPDATE Hotfix to 1.2.1 has already landed! It fixes many issues that occurred during our latest Prague workshop 💚

More detailed information about the 1.2.1 changes can be read in the changelog


We have just released Prismatic 1.2.0. Prismatic will automatically ask to download the update, alternatively, you can grab the latest version in our download center


In this version, we tried to improve working with communication protocols in Prismatic, overall work, stability and performance of NDI & Spout have been improved. We also introduced Serial port support in both I/O modes. Audio is also being constantly worked on with many fixes and the addition of Sound files.

Playback of video files and camera support have been improved in almost all cases on all platforms, various improvements in this manner can be expected in future releases as well.

Finally, exciting news about DMX: Prismatic currently supports basic DMX fixtures; in the future, you can expect major support with many DMX devices.

What kind of DMX devices and fixtures do you like to use? Which should we support first?


More detailed information about the 1.2.0 changes can be read in the changelog

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