Version Prismatic 1.2.0


In this version, we tried to improve working with communication protocols in Prismatic, overall work, stability and performance of NDI & Spout have been improved. We also introduced Serial port support in both I/O modes. Audio is also being constantly worked on with many fixes and the addition of Sound files. Finally, exciting news about DMX, Prismatic as of now supports basic DMX fixtures and in the future, you can expect major support with many DMX devices.


  • Introduced RAW Reader node for processing binary files
  • Introduced String format node
  • Introduced String replace node
  • Improved NDI Send/Receive performance
  • Fix Gaussian Blur node incorrectly flip image
  • Fix edge case with Limit Fragment node
  • Add preview for Timer node
  • Add preview for Elapsed timer node
  • Add preview for Metronome node
  • Multiplexor node index limits are now dynamically updated
  • Fix Metronome node output updates
  • Various stability and performance tweaks


  • Improved Spout Send/Receive performance


  • Greatly improved video performance both on Linux & Windows in many cases
  • Playback of video files should now consume less CPU and RAM, they are offloaded directly to GPU in the majority of the cases


  • Introduced sound files support, various sound files can now be queued to play
  • Fix Audio utility node
  • Improved performance of Spectrum and Band probe nodes


  • Introduced serial input and output nodes
  • Prismatic is now able to communicate with Serial devices on various ports, baud rates, and with many data schemes
  • Proper examples will be introduced in the future


  • Mapping has been completely reworked
  • The mapping window has been renamed to Stage view
  • DMX Fixtures has been introduced into the Stage view
  • Improved behavior of all edit modes which are now merged into one
  • Impro Undo/Redo behavior for the majority of the actions


  • Preliminary support for DMX devices and fixtures has been added
  • Fixtures bottom tab with DMX universe maps and their fixtures has been introduced
  • Prismatic in this preview currently supports DMX output only for uDMX, other DMX device support including ArtNet and Enttec DMX will be added in the following month
Download for Windows Download for Linux