Version Prismatic 1.2.1

Hotfix 1.2.1

  • Video: Fix looping doesn't properly work in many cases
  • Improve NDI behavior upon loading projects with NDI inputs
  • Reorder node now has a "Max color" mode which is similar to luminance, it outputs a maximum value of RGB
  • Double click on Fragment input will now automatically create and connect the Flat color mapper node
  • Fractal mapper now properly handles transparency in input gradients
  • Texture is now marked as a required input
  • Custom fragment node now properly behaves upon disconnection of fragment/texture input
  • Kaleidoscope mirror factor now has a defined range
  • Text node now properly handles transparency in font colors
  • Tweak the gradient editor to be more user-friendly
  • Added rendering performance statistics in the top right corner of the main screen. It now displays the time spent rendering
  • Added more node icons
  • Improve video decoding on slower devices
  • Improved undo/redo behavior with adding/deleting connected nodes and subgraphs
  • Added Fragment mix node preview
  • Fix Camera MJpeg decoding
  • Fix MIDI input crash
  • Fix Create pallete node preview
  • Fix Text node multiline text
  • Fix closing Prismatic when the renderer preview window is opened
  • Fix memory leak during decoding video
  • Fix dangling node description when search node is closed
  • Fix copy-paste behavior incorrectly creating edges for invalid connections
  • Fix Graph tab displaying visual glitches while multiple tabs were open
  • Fix appearance of combo boxes with icons


  • Improve behavior on Wayland graphic server
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