Subscription FAQ

Founder license

All owners of a founder license are entitled to put a name of their choice into Prismatic. If your account does own a Prismatic Founder license, please navigate to your user profile and make sure that the Founder credits value is not empty.

With each Prismatic version, we update this list of people and hardcode it directly into the Prismatic

General Information

Navigate to your licenses panel in user settings and delete unwanted seats from your license. After emptying seats you can simply start Prismatic on the requested device and a new seat will be created.

Trial license

No, every user can have only one Trial license which after expiring cannot be renewed and instead have to upgrade to a Standard license or higher.

Standard license

If you bought a Prismatic Standard license and your license expired, you are free to use the version of Prismatic released up to that point forever free.

But you are not obliged to any more upgrades and we recommend you to renew your subscription to keep using the most up-to-date software.