Prismatic 1.1.0 released


We have just released Prismatic 1.1.1. Prismatic will automatically ask to download the update, alternatively, you can grab the latest version in our download centrum


We even have a fancy Changelog video!



This version contains a complete rework of the Camera and Audio system, the camera should be smooth, more camera devices should be supported and there are a few new experimental nodes for Audio utilizing our first integration of an FFT. Expect some bugs with those (we always welcome bug reports to any of our communication channels).


There are also many fixes, improvements, and optimizations, we are not done with them and probably never will be.

More detailed information about the 1.1.1 changes can be read in the changelog

Next time we will work more on the audio side, but we also have some pretty exciting news about some unnamed particular hardware device containing Prismatic on board!


Happy patching!

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