Version Prismatic 1.1.0


  • Overall performance increase, especially noticeable on Windows
  • Performance of Camera is greatly improved
  • Camera now supports MJpeg format correctly on Linux
  • Camera now has advanced settings including, focus, zoom, exposure e.t.c.
  • Added many icons to nodes, node explorer, examples, etc.
  • Improved Float/Integer edge preview, we are still not sure about this version and it will be probably changed again in future.
  • Clamp node now supports list
  • Gate node now supports list
  • Interpolation node now supports lists
  • Split color node now supports list
  • Improved loading projects with custom subgraph nodes
  • Various Text Object node improvements and fixes
  • Added two new examples for the Text Object node
  • Various improvements with Gradients
  • Opacity node is now able to utilize delta time in several relative modes
  • Opacity node, new relative modes introduced (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
  • Fix output orientation of Copy blur node
  • Fix output orientation of Bloom node
  • Fix Perlin noise 1D not properly computing input noise for scalar values
  • Added new copy-pasting behavior, which preserves edge connection if they are selected
  • Edge list history preview now always crop lists to max 32 elements
  • Fix selecting edges with CTRL+click


  • Added Spectrometer (experimental)
  • Added Band probe (experimental)
  • Added Audio edge preview
  • Improved audio overall performance
  • Added two examples in the Audio category


  • Timeline control node now has a position connector as input and output
  • Fixed many warnings in logs while working with Timeline
  • Timeline running state is also now saved to project file
  • Fix Bezier curve control points min-max area


  • Fix flipping in combination with different wrapping modes
Download for Windows Download for Linux