Prismatic 1.0.0 released!


We have just released Prismatic 1.0.0. Prismatic will automatically ask to download the update upon start, alternatively, you can grab the latest version in our download centrum.


This is our first public release! We are so excited, Prismatic has been 5 years in the making mostly by Nikita Vaňků and this is well deserved first step toward the new future.


Each year this crazy idea to develop a new modular VJ/Video mapping software was taking shape and each year the whole idea of releasing it to the public has become more and more tangible. This version is actually not by any means special from the rest, but it marks the serious intention to not stop on this journey. Each version walk leaps ahead of the last one, the development in all areas is speeding up, the time invested into architecting a dedicated framework for AV media is starting to bear fruit and from our point of view, it would be a mistake to keep it for ourselves.


So please come, try our tools, share your ideas, and yell at us if we can't deliver them, because keep in mind that we are always working, but you are always adjusting our priorities.


More detailed information about the 1.0.0 changes can be read in the changelog

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