Version Prismatic 1.3.0


What was supposed to be another small hotfix transformed into a major development endeavor. This major release includes improvements all over the field in the form of many new nodes, QoL improvements, stability improvements, and much-needed DMX & Mapping improvements.


  • Add current value to Range Control source
  • Add right-click menu to Graph input connections, added action to create a timeline track
  • Add graph annotations, they can be added freely to the graph or attached to nodes
  • Add annotations to many example projects
  • Add new edge connecting behavior: click on edge while connecting an edge will replace the clicked edge
  • Add Radial Blur node
  • Add Frame Delay node
  • Add RGB Delay node
  • Add Radial map node
  • Add Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) support to renderer and Layer to Texture nodes (MSAA will be added directly to Renderer node in future releases)
  • Add High-Frequency boost option to the Spectrometer node
  • Add CPU consumption dial to Prismatic main window
  • Add Render loop performance report, now you can check how difficult is your scene to render in Prismatic
  • Add new examples RGB Tunnel, Curly Worm, Temposcope, Motion Extraction, Endless Cube, Simple Camera
  • Add option to Colorize node to color by gradient
  • Add Texture filtering and Wrap mode parameters to many texture-handling nodes
  • Add Quad node exact size inputs as an alternative to use preview editor
  • Improve overall Prismatic editor look & feel with new icons, tweaked colors etc.
  • Improve Button node appearance in Graph
  • Improve Create Palette node behavior and appearance
  • Videos are now validated before adding to the video list
  • Recently opened project limit is now set to 15
  • Fix Displace2D node sometimes incorrectly mirroring output
  • Fix Subgraph handling input/output
  • Fix DnD Prismatic project files onto the Prismatic window
  • Fix Gradients (nodes & connectors) handling transparency
  • Fix Audio Input/Output connecting/disconnecting/changing device behavior
  • Fix Prismatic freeze in a special case while using Selector node
  • Fix alpha premultiplication handling across the whole board, please report if you are still running into some weird transparency anomalies while working with Prismatic.
  • Fix Step Sequencer node properly invalidating project save
  • Fix VideoNode DnD onto graph
  • Fix timeline select box behavior
  • Fix Range input control group properly invalidating project save
  • Fix crash in a Timeline related to Step tracks
  • Fix Group renaming
  • Fix mouse scrolling in some of the Settings tab
  • Fix mouse scrolling in properties view (right bottom corner properties)
  • Fix Circle placer properly saving its properties to the project file
  • Fix Circle placer rotation input
  • Fix default "Save As" action shortcut
  • Fix many Video related issues across all platforms, that includes RAM/VRAM memory leaks, decoder stabilities and increase performance
  • Fix Particle Generator 2D node alpha channel handling
  • Fix Video group "Add files" dialog was missing .mov and .webm file extensions


  • On Linux if NVIDIA GPU is detected, egl is never used
  • Improve CUDA video decoder and converter


  • Prismatic installation will now properly clean previous undeleted Prismatic registry entries


  • Implement ArtNet DMX device input & output
  • Implement Enttec DMX USB PRO device input & output
  • Improve Anyma uDMX device stability and performance, the results still may vary depending on the host platform and USB hub setup
  • Add DMX dip switch preview to Fixture objects & nodes
  • Added several new fixture presets: American DJ Encore LP12ZIP, American DJ Ultra LB18, Cameo Thunder Wash 600 RGB
  • Added blackout switch, upon priming, all DMX interfaces will be reset to all 0 values, disabling the switch will return the original values back
  • Add support for 16bit values and 6-byte RGB values
  • Add Custom DMX Fixture node with a variable number of user-selected parameters
  • Fix properly removing fixtures from universe map
  • Add universe map fixture context menu


  • The mapping tab has now been rename to Stage View
  • Stage View supports both Mapping and DMX Fixture previews
  • Stage view in default is created without mapping, to create mapping a "Create mapping" button has been added
  • DMX Fixtures, Mapping items, and guides have new edit UI, edit modes have been removed in favor of this.
  • Please let us know about your feelings about these changes, we believe they are a step in the right direction but they surely needs more love from us.
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